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Pritchett Steinbeck Group, Inc. (PSG) is a full-service transportation engineering and planning company with a people-centric approach to clients, stakeholders and project outcomes. The firm’s professional staff are dedicated to creating innovative approaches to problem solving and providing clear information for decision-making.



More than just an engineering company.


The company is fully-resourced to take on the challenge of clarifying the implications of our quickly-evolving transportation systems. PSG has an experienced group of professionals that form interdisciplinary teams to support the following practice areas: 

•  NEPA/Project Development and Environment (PD&E) studies
•  Roadway design
•  Environmental planning and permitting
•  Transportation modeling and traffic engineering
•  Market analysis and forecasting
•  Multimodal transportation systems and policy planning.


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At Pritchett Steinbeck Group, we are confident that we can bring you the most efficient transportation engineering and development offered on the market. Our experience has a proven track record of top-tier engineering design coupled with the customer service you deserve.

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